Rent?  We help protect your belongings.

Renters Insurance

Affordable Renters Insurance that Protects.

If you are currently a renter, you most likely understand renting a home entails factors beyond your control such as the:

  • Routine maintenance on electrical equipment or indoor plumbing
  • Interior sprinkler system going off
  • Choices and decisions of your wallmates or neighbors (smoking, appliance safety, etc.)

While the owner of your residence must cover the building, as a renter, you must protect your belongings in the event of unforeseen variables.

Renter’s insurance policies are very affordable and cover:

  • Contents- Personal possessions
  • Loss of use- cost of living if you must relocate because of damage
  • Liability- in the event of injury
  • Medical Coverage- in the event someone is injured in your rental unit and requires medical attention.

What do you estimate the worth of your contents to be? That is the coverage amount that you need. Our agents will be happy to provide you with the best option at the most affordable rate.