Play in the Dirt.  We have you covered!

Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Outdoor fun is not always confined to paved roadways. There is a plethora of beautiful creation waiting to be explored off road. Before venturing into uncharted territory, make sure you are protected with insurance coverage. While they are fun, even accidents can happen when enjoying the following vehicles:

  • dirt bike
  • go cart
  • snowmobile
  • dune buggy
  • golf cart
  • all terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • utility vehicle (UTV)

Don’t assume your automobile policy will cover  off road vehicle accidents or you may find yourself in a bind. Important coverages include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability-if someone else gets hurt and needs medical attention
  • Property Damage Liability- covers damages of your own fault
  • Collision Coverage- recreational vehicle repairs
  • Comprehensive Coverage- repairs for damage from flooding, wind, vandalism, theft, or other reasons that do not involve a collision

Rest your mind at ease by being responsibly protected before enjoying your next off road excursion. Our agents are looking forward to helping you.