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Classic Car Insurance

Coverage Did you know that if you are looking for Classic Car Insurance, you can insure your classic car for "Guaranteed Value"? This means that if there is a total loss, the insurance company "guarantees" to pay you the amount you have insured the car for. You can...

You Need a Fire Extinguisher and Here’s Why

Recently, a member of our staff had a propane tank fire experience with a grill. With the summer months being higher grilling times, we want to encourage everyone to grill safely and have a fire extinguisher in their house. Know where it is and how to use it. We've...

Running A Successful Landscaping Business

Running a successful landscaping business requires more than just knowing how to cut grass, spread mulch and all the other technical parts of the job. Running any business requires a solid understanding and focus on a few other key elements. Business Types When you...

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance will step in and fills the gaps where your car insurance or homeowner’s insurance stop. Umbrella insurance, however, does not replace other insurance policies.

Spring Home Safety Tips

Here are a few spring Home Safety Tips to help make your spring happy and healthy. There is always a rush of excitement when the weather begins to warm up.